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Dear Brother in Christ. I praise God for your grace in Christ. We brethren in Goro High School came out of the church system (the Babylonish playing) through and in the grace revealed of brethren such as you. We are living in the age of ages, that is the Kingdom from our Heavenly Father. We are talking of that which we have seen on our own spiritual eyes, which we have touches on our own hands, which we have heard on our own ears, Christ the pattern Son and the grace and glory of “Sonship” which came from upper realm and not from human realm. We your brethren in Goro High School are hungry and thirsty of Word of Life, our daily bread, “Christ”. We got your address from a cd prepared and sent to us through another brother. We want to share your heart to the East. Therefore, we ask you in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus to send us all your past copies and your successive future copies (of any type cassettes, videos, cd’s or booklets of your teachings). My profession is a teacher at the Goro High School and leader of Bible Study Group. I am 46, married and have four children. (Africa)

Dear One In Christ. Warm greetings from Mindanao Island, Philippines in the matchless Name of Jesus Christ. I am a minister of God to the poor people. In behalf of my family and these poor people, I am sending you email hoping that you could share and impart to us some bible study teaching manuals and other materials. Waiting for your good and kind response. Thank you and God Bless you. 

Dear Pastor. I have been several times on you site and have enjoyed it a lot. I even used one of your sermons in our local church here in southwest France. Your work is valuable to us and probably to many others too. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and you family

Dear Brother in Christ. A friend supplied your address. You print literature that glorifies God and His Kingdom. God is leading me into Kingdom truths. Please send me one copy of each booklet you print. This would be greatly appreciated and lead me into further understanding of Kingdom truths. I have zeal for growing in grace and a deeper spiritual life. I can share the literature with fellow believers. If you print a regular newsletter, please mail a copy. Thank you. (South Island New Zealand)

Dear Pastor Troy, love joy and peace to you in the Holy Ghost. I and my wife Mercy on behalf of the leadership and the family of Lugazi Miracle Centre are saying thank you Pastor Troy together with your wife and the whole family of your church. Please thank you so much for bibles and teaching materials that you sent to us. We appreciate and feel your love as a Pastor. I am enjoying the small bible that you sent and others we are giving them away to people as we disciple them on how to value and use the word of God and how to make disciples as Jesus commanded. I love you very much and feel connected to you people so much. I and Mercy are already being blessed with your tape messages and whatever we finish; we are passing it to our leaders in the church. Several people without bibles here in the church who can read and write English have been blessed so much and are very happy and they have asked your names and ministry, and we will all be praying for you. As I and my wife have been listening to your messages, we see you as a Pastor God has called in revivals and so therefore let’s pray and work out a program that you can come and be a blessing in our churches in my town and I will also organize for you to reach and minister in other cities in my country, thanks. We will be happy to see you visit us in the future. Pastor Hudson Suubi Itembe

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