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Sister Marilyn’s Testimony

I was married at the age of 16 years old and had a son at that age also.  I had been brought up in church from time to time and yet new very little about the Lord Jesus. After our son had turned 4 years old, I had a drawing to go to church. I had talked to Troy my husband about it and he informed me that he would not keep me from going, but that he was not going period.  So I went to several different churches to find out that know one could tell me how to get a hold of God.  I was so grieved inside.  I cried all the time.  I knew that the Lord was doing something inside me and I knew that if I could get a hold of Him that it would be all right.  I stayed frustrated about not knowing how to get a hold of the Lord for a very long time until I said forget it.  I can't reach up and grab Him (Jesus) and He (Jesus) knows that and still He (Jesus) will not help me get to Him (Jesus).


Troy would drink and do only God knows what continually.  It seemed that he wasn't there for us at all. Only until I would threaten to leave him would he consider our son and me.  Years went by and our marriage fell apart.  I finally took it upon myself to sell everything we had and move away from Troy and everyone else that I felt didn't care for us and make a new life with only our son and I.  So I did just that, I sold everything I could get my hands on and then some, only to have to stay because by some miracle I became pregnant with our daughter.  I had always told the Lord that if I could leave now with Greg our son that I would be able to make it with the one.  So I was leaving to make it on my own until I became pregnant.  I knew the Lord had done this to me to keep me with Troy, which made me angry with Him (the Lord).  I felt that the Lord wanted me to be a doormat all my life and for that I was angry.  I was against God and all people.  I didn't want anything to do with anybody at all.  I became like a zombie inside not wanting to go on because of the life we were leading.  I hated life more than anything. I felt God had done me dirty by allowing a pregnancy.   I wanted the baby; I just couldn't see how to make it with two children by myself.  As I stated earlier about telling the Lord that if I would get out now it would be all right and that I could make it with one child.  He knew that was exactly what I was doing.  I was leaving and not looking back until I became pregnant so I stayed. 


Before our daughter Britney was born Troy knowing that he too was at the end of his road gave his life to the Lord on a greasy garage floor where he worked.  He came home and told me this and I not believing said sure you did now leave me alone.  It wasn't long before I knew he had changed and still not willing to give in told him just because you say you are saved don't change a thing with me.  I was angry because I thought that he used being saved to keep us with him.  By the time our daughter was born I knew that Troy had truly changed and saw that he was happy.  I attended church with him and it wasn't long that I too came to know the Lord in such a way that I understood all that had happened to me was for my good and that I can and always will look to Him (Lord) for comfort.  I am thankful that the Lord kept drawing us toward Him even when it didn't appear that He was.  Even when it felt like that I was alone to go through so much without anyone there with me or to help me and all along the Lord was there for me and always has been.  I cannot thank Him enough, to think I was leaving and never going to look back.  You would have to know my husband then and now to see what I and our kids would have missed out on if we had not stayed.  I was so close to messing up it scares me to think about it.  I am so grateful to the Lord for making our family what it is today and what it will be in the future.  He truly is an Awesome God.


In Yeshua's Love

Marilyn Nichols



Pastor Troy’s Testimony

Before coming to know the Lord as my Saviour, I was an alcoholic and hooked on pot and drugs. My life was going down hill fast and I had run out of promises to keep my wife from not leaving me with my little boy. Realizing this, I prayed a prayer one night in my bed while a sinner and ask the Lord to send me a preacher that I was ready to go to church and get my life right. I said, I don’t care what kind of church it is, just send me a preacher. Well, at that time, I owned my own business working as a mechanic. And just shortly after that prayer, a Pentecostal preacher came to my garage and asked me if I could fix the lights on their church bus. I said yes I can but I believe that you came here for more than the lights on your bus. I told him I believed he was the preacher that the Lord sent to me. Well, he then began to talk to me about the Lord and finally left. Upon him leaving, I got down on that greasy floor in my garage and called out to God to save me. Well, I really didn’t know what I was in for because I had not been brought up in church. And now something has really happened, I was totally set free from alcohol and drugs and the urge completely gone. I was very wild looking with very long hair and a beard and mustache and now I find myself going and getting my hair cut and shaving. People around me at this point are wondering what is going on even as I am. The truth is, I was truly born again. Well my wife is mad now that I got saved for she said that she was still going to divorce me and me getting saved was not going to change her mind. Well, it didn’t take long before the Lord began to deal with her and she got saved and then my mom got saved and then my son got saved. All this happened really fast. The Lord then began to show me in dreams that I was going around the world preaching and healing people which is where the name of our Ministry came from, “God’s Healing Ministry”. People then begin to lay hands on me and prophesy over me that God had called me to preach the word. But I am one that really has to know for myself. So, being a babe in the Lord, I read in Genesis where God put the stars in the sky for signs. I took that scripture therefore and went out into a field one night and ask God that if he was calling me into the Ministry, to show me a sign. And immediately there went a meteorite across the sky. I was excited to say the least but not convinced so I went out the next night to that same place in the field again and ask God if he was calling me into the Ministry, to show me a sign. And immediately there went a meteorite across the sky. Now, I am really getting excited but still not convinced. So, I go out the third night to that same place in the field and ask God that if was calling me into the Ministry, to show me a sign. And immediately a shooting star went across the sky, I then questioned God and ask why this time it was a shooting star and the other two nights it was a meteorite. I then asked him to show me another sign if that was him doing it and immediately there appeared another shooting star. Well, I was now convinced and accepted the call of God upon my life and went home to go to bed and lo and behold I had a dream that I went back to that field again and ask God for another sign. And this time it was thousands of shooting stars and meteorites and that just drove the nail in for good. It was in this same field that I was praying and was baptized with the Holy Ghost. I have now been saved 32 years and have been through much on the job training with the Lord. He has now equipped me through those wilderness years to come forth and build up not only the saints, but the leadership as well.  I have a heart to go to small churches [that many preachers will not go to], for many of them are filled with hungry and hurting people that need building up and encouraged. For the last ten years I have studied the Bible from a Hebraic Perspective. The revelation I received lit a fire in me that has not gone out. I now have a burning desire to teach others how to read and study the Bible in Hebrew. 


In Yeshua's Love

Pastor Troy

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