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Hedgeapples/Cancer:  Link 


September and October is the season for fresh Hedge Apples.  One thing to note; when they are picked fresh, they will sometimes ooze a little sap from the stems.  Because of this, we recommend putting a disposable plate or tray under them when you use them. 


Folk lore suggest the use of Hedge Apples for insect control to repel spiders, roaches, and crickets as well as other insects. You can place them around your foundation, in the basement, in the corners of your garage, on top of cabinets, in closets. Some people prefer to cut them in half, others leave them whole. I prefer to leave them whole, they will last longer that way. If placing on carpet or finished surfaces place them on a paper plate or saucer, the sap from them is very sticky. Hedge apples will be useful until they are brown and nearly dried up. They usually last 2 to 3 months.

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