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One of the most terrifying experiences a woman can undergo is surely to become pregnant while still in high school. You’re afraid of getting in trouble, of getting shunned by your friends. You worry that you won’t be able to finish high school, that your future is ruined. You wonder if you can take care of a baby and if you’d even be a good mother. It isn’t surprising that teenage girls find abortion so appealing — it’s a quick solution to a problem they feel like they have no way out of, and if they go to the right place, their parents never even need to know. And, as Live Action has repeatedly documented, abortion clinics are there waiting with open arms to exploit and manipulate these young girls into getting an abortion. After all, who is there to tell the scared, confused young girl that she can do this? That it won’t ruin her life? Or that there are other options besides having an abortion if you can’t have the child?


This was the situation my maternal grandmother found herself in at 14. Instead of having an abortion, she gave my mother up for adoption, and my mother was adopted by wonderful, loving parents and got a great family. Had my biological grandmother chosen to have an abortion, my mother would not be here — and neither would I. We do not have a relationship with her, but she chose to give my mother a life. I’m proud of her for that.


Apparently, rapper/actor Nick Cannon’s mother was in this exact situation. She got pregnant at 17, and was going to have an abortion. She ultimately changed her mind, giving birth to her son, Nick. He wrote a song thanking her for her decision and the sacrifices she made entitled “Can I Live?” (lyrics here). Here below is the touching music video

Abortion procedures... What you need to know


Let me start out by thanking you for taking time to visit this part of our ministry website.  We assume you are personally looking for help or perhaps seeking help for a friend or family member.  We are not here to condemn those that have found themselves in such a place of decision.  We are here to help educate and bring them into contact with people who have been touched dramatically by the consequences of abortion that many professionals failed to educate them on.  We believe if we reach out in love and support that the Lord will move in the depths of their hearts and help them make the right decision.  Please feel free to write us if you just need to talk.  And remember these words, the LORD came that you might have Life and bring forth Life.  He will put your life back together and give you a Peace and Joy that passes all understanding.

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