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Thank you for taking time to worship the Lord with us in the study of His Word. Tonight, I will be sharing Part 4 on the Kingdom of God along with my thoughts on the Asbury University Revival in Ky. Is it of God or not? You will want to hear my findings.

Please keep in mind that GHM is a small Ministry with a big vision. I give away more materials than we actually sell and that involves costs.


I don't want to use our time together to ask for your help, so I will only ask you to prayerfully consider helping me as I have ongoing expenses for materials, printing supplies, equipment upkeep, social media platforms, editing software and study aids. 

The following needs below are present at this time and it would be a great blessing if you could help me today with a special love offering on oour home page using Pay Pal, Venmo or Cash App. 

Ministry PO Box Renewal [6 Months for $82]

Editing Software Subscription [1 Year for $129 - Presently Expired]

GHM Website [1 Year for $360 - Due in March]

Hebrew Bible Language Subscription [1 Year for $79 - Presently expired]  

Amazon Ministry Needs List [Click Here]

Thank you very much for your prayers and support. Click here to register for this evening's webinar.

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