How can I tell if I have entered the right door?

Syllabus with 7 cd's. See highlights below.


Highlights of 6 Sessions

Session 1
You will learn how to respond to one that insist the Law of God has been done away with. You will be amazed to hear what the KJV Study Bible has to say about the Law. You will learn the significance of 2 Chronicles 15 and the time we are living in now. You will learn some powerful truths and principles on how to discern which voice you are hearing [God's Voice - Satan's Voice - Flesh Voice

Session 2
Hebrew goes from right to left while English goes from left to right. In this session you will learn the significance of going right to left in our walk with God. Many are living in defeat because they are going left to right. You will be understand what I mean here when we show you God's order in the layout of the Hebrew Alephbet. You will be astonished to hear what a Christian Author has suggested what we should do with the Old Testament. Jesus said "He is the Door" and if you come in through Him you will be saved and go in and out and find pasture. There is some awesome insight into going in and out from a Hebraic mindset. You will learn what the first and last letter of the Torah reveals about the Law of God. Dalet is the Hebrew word for door. In this session we will break this word down in Hebrew and show you proof that many professing believers have entered another door. The Hebrew letter dalet and resh look almost identical. One could change the meaning of a word by just a light stroke of the pen in writing these letters. Learn about this mistake and how not to make it yourself.


Session 3

In this session we will show you how to discern false leaders. You will see that Paul didn't do away with the Law, but used the Law and Prophets to teach about Jesus and His Kingdom. As we take you into a word study on the word follow, you will be able to see if you are truly following Jesus. You will learn some powerful truths and principles that will help you better discern if you are walking in the light or darkness.

Session 4
What the world is seeking today is peace. If only they know the only way to GREAT PEACE is going through the right door. Learn a simple revelation in this session on how to achieve this GREAT PEACE in your heart. He that is JOINED to the Lord is One Spirit. Learn how to tell if you are joined to the Lord or not. In this session we are going to use the arrangement of the Hebrew Letters to teach you how to discern if you are walking in truth or falsehood. This will amaze you and be of great benefit to you in the days ahead.

Session 5
In this session we begin taking you a little deeper into the Hebrew text. You will be amazed to see hidden prophecy in the Hebrew Text in Genesis 1:1. We will teach you some more powerful truths and principles on discernment. We will take you into the Gematria Value of words and show you the significance of the number 232 in relation to God, His Word and Light.

Session 6
I am sure you are familiar with the verse that 1 day with the Lord is as a 1000 years and thus 6 days would be likened to 6 thousand years. You will be blown away when we show you a 6 day or 6000 year prophecy in the Hebrew Text of Genesis 1:1. You will see the comings of the Lord in the Hebrew Text of Genesis 1:1. You will learn the significance of the number 22, Jacob, Israel and light. In the Hebrew Text the first letter of the Bible is a Bet and it is enlarged. You will be amazed at the reasob behind this. You will learn the significance of the number 913, Genesis 1:1 and the flesh of Jesus. And to put the icing on the cake, we will show you the Gospel in the very first word in your Bible from the Hebrew Text. This alone will blow you away. These are available to ship immediately.

The Name of the Son - DVD $20.00 plus s/h

Get ready to be challenged as I take you into the Hebrew Language to discover the name of the Son encoded into the scriptures. In this teaching I will show you that the name of Jesus is only a few hundred years old. Now, I don't have a problem with anyone that say's Jesus. My problem as a student of the Word is when someone teaches that the Apostles baptized people in the Name of Jesus and then build a Denomination around that belief. That is simply not true and I take two hours in this teaching to prove it isn't true using video clips and the Hebrew language. 


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