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Testimonies from Pastor's Eric and Holly Gilbert's Church January 2017.


I taught two parts on different things people seek for pleasure and fulfillment only to end up empty inside.

You can have or achieve every worldly thing but there will still be unrest and unhappiness without God. Only things received from God can bring true peace.

Pastor Troy's message this morning has directly touched my heart. I was living in pure vanity and expecting happiness. The Book of Ecclesiastes has opened my eyes as well as my heart. I realized that I can forgive myself and I should. No amount of money or material things will ever fill the void in me that is lacking. Only God can fill that void and forgiving myself is the first step to getting closer to His Greatness. This has brought me peace in my heart. T.J.C.


Testimonies from Revival Lake Alfred Florida --- Series Taught "Building an Altar"


Tonight God worked on me and in me. He heard my cry and he answered. my body is brand new and so is my soul. Thank you for coming and thank God. G.


This revival has brought me closer to my Lord Jesus and bolder in Christ. May God bless you. J.H.

It has revealed a deeper desire to reach down into God's word and a greater understanding of it. I enjoyed the teaching. It has changed how I look at how I pray and that God loves me no matter what. I feel God has a work for me for his glory. Thanks for opening my eyes and my ears. R.P.


The Spirit of Jesus has been so heavy and he has shown me where I have a spirit of pride in my life. I want to lose this and be the daughter that my Father wants me to be. On the outside I am humble but inside I am prideful in my heart.


My name is M.J. and as I have been coming to this revival the good Lord is walked by my side and has giving me wonderful results in allowing me to claim the victory. Of my daughter and that first phase and giving my family the opportunity to have the victory in employment. Pastor Troy, your awesome. And may God continue to bless you!


My name is L. and although I haven't been to revival every day, the Lord has opened up my heart a lot more. I have seen my aunt win the victories in her life that also gave me a victory as well. I pray all the time about her and for the Lord not to allow her to give up and she didn't. She just keeps fighting. But also as she gets employment to get back on her feet that also helps me to get my two beautiful babies back. The Lord is good and works in mysterious ways. I'm blessed to be a part of Kings Church.


I am so blessed with your teaching. Learning new things makes me more excited about the word of Yahweh. Love you Pastor. Be blessed in every area of your life in Yeshua's name. G.G.


I was on the way home and just knew something was going to happen. Pastor Troy asked me to sound the shofar with him and people came up after the service and said they felt the Lord flowing all over them when the shofars were being sounded. The Spirit was so strong as we went through the lesson on building an altar that I didn't think I was going to be able to sound the shofar. But Yahweh blew His own sounds. J.M. 

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