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Webinar Testimonies

 OH, MY Goodness....please send me the Torah portions. I just watched the link you sent me Troy! Oh, my goodness.... I am almost speechless. I have been on this quest sir, for seven years now! It all started with a dream and GODS voice. Please let me share this with you here. In 2004, I was on a fast, Jan, first of year. At that time, I was connected with Evangel World prayer center. Actually, still am an intercessor for the prison ministry and have been for 8 yrs. However, that’s another story to share at another time. I have, since I received Yeshua as my Lord and Savior, I have had this deep love for the Jewish people. I mean like I was Jewish! it’s been amazing. Anyway, I was on a fast and asked the Lord to reveal His truth to me. That evening I had the dream that I have never forgotten. Me and my best friend were in this synagogue. It was the most awesome place I have ever seen. Now remember I have never been in one either, none the less, I was there. We both had shoulder length veils on, beautiful white lace veils. We were looking up towards the ceiling as in awe! Down in front the wood was incredible. None like any I’ve seen. Like an expensive cedar wood. On the long table that was in the center of that altar was a huge bible, with this deep red velvet ribbon, draped and flowing from the pages. Off to the right was an older man, long beard, clean white beautiful beard, draped in the Jewish attire and yes, the tallit. He was standing so straight, and I discerned a strong, love for God. I must tell you it was the most astounding dream I have ever had. When I woke up that day and went into work, I had many customers say things to me like, wow, I was illuminated, or my face was just shining. Needless to say, I was so on fire for the Lord. Just knew that dream was a prophetic message. TO SEEK HEBREW truth. So that evening after work, I was coming out of our room into the kitchen. Just as I did Troy, I heard HIS VOICE, and He said, I AM THE GOD of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob, learn of Me. when that happened my hubby was seated in the Living room and saw me, as I grabbed for the counter, because my knees almost buckled under me!!!! Oh, my goodness, I will NEVER forget! He spoke to my heart yes, He did and loudly. Yet, softly. A strong, fatherly voice. Troy, that moment has changed my life. Has led me in search of His truth. now the paths I have traveled would take much longer than I have here, but today, I was so distraught about some circumstances, and I thought I would listen to your link, your message. AS I heard you teach and followed along, taking notes, I became so filled with that same awe of what I was hearing. My goodness, I am just overwhelmed. IVE known there was a narrow door or gate, and IVE know that the wide gate is so deceptive. We as a family have seen so much abuse and untruth within the church. My son who was called to preach has left the church because of the garbage he has witnessed, and I know he is struggling with what he knows and what he sees. btw, he loves Hebrew. And when you said in that teaching that when we start to tell others, what will happen? Oh, my goodness, sir, you have no idea how deep that statement runs. Again, I will have to tell you those details at another time. I have often said that I KNOW we must learn the ROOT of scripture. I have known in my heart for some time that there is so much more meaning to the words than our English gives us! So much. My background is catholic. I was raised as such, and one-time Troy, while a little girl, I had the same experience in church that I just shared with you in that dream. TRUTH! I have been seeking after truth.... I received Yeshua as my Lord and Savior back in 1984. He sure had a mess in my heart to change and He has and still is. His love freed me from so much garbage. Ok, I’ll quit here. I want to thank you sir, for sharing this and showing me thru GODS word that I AM NOW on the right path. I heard from heaven in 2004 and I KNOW what I heard. And He is so much more than what we, the church have made HIM. Oh, my goodness. I will listen to this over and over. I must. Thank you for sending this to me. I will support your ministry as I am able. Trust me I understand the act of giving, and know giving is godlike! I saw things right off the bat that I want. However, my hubby is waiting on revamped VA compensation. He is unemployed, our business has been so struggling, badly, yet I know that I am NOT to give up. All I know is that I have NOT found you by accident. I have been crying out to the Lord for some time now, to please show me where I am to be and show me my error. (We are now not in a church,) I believe this is the beginning of some huge steps on this path. Journey. In the midst of all of this? I studied frantically my youth roots of, oh they do much that is Hebraic in nature, for sure, but still, its twisted truth...therefore it’s not true. What are your thoughts on that? I know I know, I got to stop! Lol....Ive already written a book. Lol....just so much to tell and not enough time or space. Lol...Shalom...and I will look forward to your reply. You and your wife have a glow about you and now I know why! Shalom, man of God! Shalom....

These fist two testimonies are from one of my webinars where I taught on building an altar.

Hello there, my name is Connie. I don't even know where to start. Thank you for wanting to let me talk but there was such a lump in my throat I could not have talked anyway. I knew right off when you started I wasn't going to leave here without surrendering myself to God. My life was a mess, I had a drug problem doing cocaine and other drugs. My sister told me what happened to her when she listened to your message and she made an altar and just surrendered all to God. As you went on in the message I could feel the presence of the Lord and I began to cry so I knew what I had to do. I just said; God here I am if you can use someone like me that has done wrong all my life, if you can clean up my sister you can clean me up. And I just begin to tell him about my sinful life and never got up until I knew he had cleaned me up. My life has been hell since I have been sixteen years of age. I lost my mom and dad in a car accident and I had to live with my brother. I got hooked on drugs and satan had a hold on my life. I just kept falling into his traps strung out on drugs for days. I was raped by my brothers best friend. I tried to go to church and ask God to clean up my heart. People tried to tell me I was ok but I wasn't. But tonight when I listened to your message it came to me that I had to change. So I fell down on my knees beside Hallies computer and chair I was sitting in and begin to cry out to God. I could still feel satans stronghold on my life so I ask France my sister and Hallie if they would help me pray. And they did and I begin to feel the power of God come over me and I knew that God had come into my heart. And I was clean and set free and I could go home and lay my head down in peace and wouldn't have to turn to drugs or liquor. And I would not have to shoot up my arm and I would be able to tell my kids they had a new mom. I was so glad that I was asked to come and be a part of this service and I love the Hebrew letters. I would like to come to your School of Ministry and learn the Hebrew Teaching. So thank you again for that message. [Connie]  


Hello Pastor Troy, you  don't know me and I don't know you but I have heard about you. We came to visit  my friend France and little did I know we had church which was fine with me. I needed to hear what you had to say. For you see I went too church and prayed the sinners prayer and got up from the altar and thought I was saved. The Pastor said he was happy for  me and  knew I was ok with the Lord. But something inside of me told me different. I knew in my heart, I was not right so I never went back to that church again. I was sleeping with men and doing what I could to get by with three kids here. But when you gave that altar call, I made me an altar here by the couch and I surrendered all of my sin unto God. I ask him to set me free of drugs and alcohol and from everything else I was doing in my life. And let me look unto him for my help and not drugs or alcohol or men. And I know through this message I was set free of it all. I can say this place tonight is where I had an encounter with the Lord and this was an important altar in my life. It helped to kill my desire for drugs, alcohol and men. It reminded me that my faith does not have have to depend on having any of those things but too have my heart in the right position towards God. Tonight  I submitted myself to my leader and I thank God for placing such a purifying altar in my life. Thanks for that wonderful message and I thank my friend France for inviting me over and her friend Hallie that had the Dvd. I  now can say I am truly saved and my life is turned around. And I know tonight I can sleep in peace. Thank you for you Dvds you put out there for people to hear and see. May God  keep his hand and blessing up on you. [Judy] 


Hello my name is R.S. ******* sister in law that was married to her younger brother. I don't know you but I came too visit H. yesterday and she invited me to stay for the webinar and I am glad I did. Before you came on, we had already listened to your Friday night message and it touched my heart so much. I am sure H. told you about her brother and how it happen and how we all could not forgive the person that shot him and had so much hate and unforgiveness in my heart because of what he did. My father took my babys father from him and me that he never got too know and I could never for give my father and hated him for so long. My life was in turmoil, fear for years but after hearing both of your messages, I ask God to forgive me and let me forgive my dad for the wrong he did to me and my baby and let me find peace in my heart and with my family. So I can say today for the first time since my husband has been gone I could go to bed and go to sleep and not be afraid or cry my self to sleep as i have so many times before. I thank the Lord for this message that I know will and has changed my life. It was like you were talking to me all through the message. I was like that worm you was talking about. But we all should thank God for some one like you with the true word of God. I told my other sister inlaw going home if that Pastor had a church I know where I would go to hear the word of God. Because you made me realize tonight that I had to make some changes in my life for myself and for my son. So thank you for that word of God that you shared. I will be hearing you again because H. made me a couple of Dvd's. Onne is titled "A made up mind" and the other is titled "Christ is the end". And she told me how she played this at her nieces house that had known the Lord and then how the Lord lead her to go to her house one day and this Dvd led her back to the Lord again. And afew months later God took her home. That was wonderful how that happened. I want you too know I will watch them and just maybe I can with your Dvd get some of my family in and I will find me a good church. Thanks to your message, if I had not heard this this, I would still have all of this in my heart headed for hell. Thanks R.S.

Hello Troy! I really enjoyed your last 3 webinars and the teaching and I want to learn hebrew. Hallie has told me so much about it and what I saw and heard to night just makes me hungary for more. I found me a church so I told Hallie that I want to share this with you for you are the reason it happened. I went to church Wednesday night and some one said we dont have a speaker for tonight, but all day you were in my mind and I knew it was for a reason. So when I went to church and they said they did not have a speaker for that night, I stood up and I said yes we do if you will allow me to do what the Lord showed me to do. I had taken your dvd to church with me not knowing we wasn't going to have a speaker that night. I went by and got my mom, my son, brother and a friend. And as I told Hallie they had never heard the dvd but when I got up to put it on I told them how I came across it and how it would make you search your heart and how awesome it was. Well there when you gave that altar call, my mom my son my brother and my friend, how the Lord dealt with thier heart. I shouted for you see they got saved; yes I mean saved. Everyone really loved the message and shouted right along with you. And I just wish my husband could have been apart of this but he couldn't be. But that why I had to take my son that night. I want to be like Hallie knowing the calling on my life as she did. After all these years Hallie has become the person she has aways wanted to be and thats to help others and I am sure you know that. Thank You

Hello Pastor, I want you to know that I enjoyed the teaching last night and sorry I couldn't stay for the talk after it was over but had to go to work. But it was so refreshing to hear the true Word of God. I had not heard the Hebrew teaching before but it got into my heart and my spirit. And I told Hallie to let you know what I learned that first letter of the Hebrew Alephbet was so powerful. It just got me excited and I want to be a part of the School of Ministry. This Torah can and will change my life and the Word will come alive to me. I want to understand even more as you teach this lesson. If I keep my mind upon Him and get yoked back up with Him, I can walk with Him. And I can look at my life and tell you that I need the Father. In this one letter you taught about, our Father is telling you and me so very much. And you can say that you know Him and not know Him at all. I know I have a calling upon my life but I have to be yoked up with the Father before I can do what He wants me to do. I want to feel my Lord in my heart and my life and have a relationship with Him. I want to change my life for the better cause now I can clearly see and understand what the Lord is trying to tell me. And that is to truly give my whole heart, mind and soul to Him. And I know through your teaching I can do that. The most awesome thing about this teaching is that you show us the Father's fingerprints in the Word. Thank you again for that wonderful message last night. K.J.

Greetings Pastor Troy! Loved the webinar! It is so gratifying to hear words that validate so much in my life. Especially love the teachings of the Hebrew and Greek translations! Yes I can say with conviction that I have found the narrow gate! Praise Elohim! What you spoke was music to me. As I have told you I am a recovered alcoholic. Yeshua pulled me from that abyss 6 years ago. So 38 years of darkness, much has changed in the past 4 years of recovery. Anyways loved the webinar you made very good observations and validated my set apart life here in Courtenay BC. Thank you for all your hard work putting these together, and bless you for sharing them with me. Looking forward to watching the next one! Shalom, Wendy

I learned today when I watched the video of a woman bent over... When you were talking about the joy, the Lord showed me that the joy of the Lord is always the sign and symbol of strong spiritual life and that it's also become our strength. That is give you strength to fight our trials. And if you fight your trials, you will overcome and with joy you will draw water from the well of salvation. And I learned today when we live under the Lordship of the Lord and when we submit to the Lorship of God, we walk in his blessings and we reap the benefits of His Kingdom. And when we come under His Lorship, we come under His protection and in the midst of trouble we can rest because we come under his covering and the banner. And it's all about just surrender it all to Him and He showed me that all I had to di was just release it all to Him. And he show me how the deep down peace comes with obedience to get close to him and let his word become apart of you. And what He does with your life then; no matter what happens, where ever you go and whatever you do, the deep down peace that comes with obedience will be yours. And in my life time, I would have the joy of seeing him use me and when he showed me that; it really opened up my eyes and made see what I am really missing out on. And I learned all this from watching your video. H.S.


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