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3 Levels of Leadership

3 Levels of Leadership

1] With the people...

Moses was with the people. There is a season you are with those that you are over. This is the season you get to know them and they get to know you. Don't get comfortable or to familiar at this level.

2] Ahead of the people...

Moses took some elders and went ahead of the people. It's important that you know when to move ahead. If you stay with the people you are over to long, they will have the tendency to lose respect for you. You become common to them. You need to understand there are some that can't go ahead with you. Moses went ahead with other leaders. Moses will discuss things with these leaders that the other people will not hear.

3] Above the people...

Moses went above the people. Aaron and Hur were the only ones that went to this level with Moses. It's important that you understand there are some leaders the Lord will place with you that will hold your hands up when things get tough. You must recognize those and don't allow anyone to go with you above the people that are not called to go there with you. If you do, don't be surprised when they don't hold your hands up when you become weary.

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