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You will know them by their fruits

What you have allowed to come into your heart and what you have allowed man to impart into your heart will reflect on how you perceive and discern people around you.

This is why you see some people today calling good evil and evil good. Their minds and hearts have been corrupted.

They believe a lie to be truth.

Believe not every spirit, but try the spirit coming out from a person to see if it is of God or the devil.

You can know the heart of a person by their fruits.

Good fruit comes from a root of love.

Bad fruit comes from a root of hate.

If people don't like being around you it is one of two reasons.

1] They don't like good fruit

2] They don't like bad fruit

Which root are you growing out from? Love or Hate

Examine Yourselves...

Listen to your conversations... read what you post on Facebook...

Is it good fruit or bad fruit? Is is coming from the root of love or a root of hate? Would our Heavenly Father say you are part of the problem or part of the solution? Would He say you are part of causing more division or bringing more unity in your conversations and what you post?

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