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Welcome to our School of Ministry Landing Page. Pastor Troy has just finished Part 1 on learning the Hebrew Language. In this session you will download and print Pastor's custom design Hebrew Alephbet chart. He will show you how to measure your spiritual maturity through each of the twenty- two letters in the Hebrew Alephbet. You will also learn how the church has led us away from the Hebrew roots of our faith. And if that doesn't get you excited enough, Pastor takes us through each letter and teaches the analogy of building a house. You will come away from this session with insight on how to minister to those around you letter by letter. Listen to their conversations and know which letter to use to minister to them. Be sure to download and print the chart before watching video.


Your $20.00 donation helps Pastor Troy continue full time ministry and share his resources around the world. When you click on the link below to give your donation, you be directed to the page wherein you will see the video and chart to download. If for some reason, you are not forwarded to the page with video and chart, email Pastor Troy and let him know and he will send you the link. Thank you very much for your support.


Pastor will be adding new sessions weekly. The next session will be on how to sound out and read Hebrew words. Yes, after one session you will be sounding out and reading Hebrew words.

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