Introduction and Discipleship Training in the Torah

This is my 9th year studying the scriptures from a Hebraic perspective. And, over this time I have acquired alot of Hebraic teachings in my archives. I have therefore decided to start making available foundational teachings for those just discovering their Hebrew Heritage. Each one of these teachings [unless mentioned otherwise] will come with a Cd and Booklet with my notes. So, after you study it for yourself, you can use it to teach others. That is discipleship and that is my heart. When you purchase our teaching materials you are helping me to continue full-time producing more and more materials and teachings on a weekly basis. And for that, I am very grateful.


Before you order any of our teachings below, take a moment to listen to this Pastor's Testimony after 22 weeks of our discipleship teaching in his church starting with the Torah. He picked up on the Truth of our Hebrew roots and now has his congregation studying the weekly Torah Portions. I hope to be able to do this with other Pastors local, abroad and even to other nations.

Part 1-2 of this series can be ordered below

Part 1 - Yeshua or the Torah? Why not both?

In this session you will learn...

Foundational truths that will prove the Law / Torah is still relevant in our day

The significance of the Hem of Yeshuas garment and its connection to the Law / Torah

Three levels of revelation in your spiritual walk with the Lord

What replacement Theology is and the danger of it

What it means to destroy or fulfill the law

Yeshua used Moses / Law / Torah to teach about Himself

There are wonderful things in the Law / Torah

Yeshua is revealed in the first two and last two letters of the Torah

The Gospel is hidden in the Hebrew Word Law and Beginning

What happens when you deny or reject the Law / Torah

Much, much more!!

If you are open to Truth, you will start with a strong foundation after this first session. You will see what the Law / Torah is in the sight of God.

Part 2 - Yeshua Ha Mashiach is the Light!

In this session you will learn...

What the Light is in Genesis 1:3 before the Sun, moon and stars in Gen 1:14

What the first and last letter of your Bible reveals

The Torah connects with the Book of Psalms

Revelation when you put the Hebrew names of the 5 books together in the Torah

The Gematria value of Law and Light in Hebrew and how both testify to the 613 commandments in the Torah

Happy are they that walk in the Law / Torah. The revelation in the word Happy in Hebrew is awesome!

With a slight curve of the pen a word can be changed dramatically in Hebrew to distort the Word of God

Much, much more!!

$40 plus s/h [Includes two booklets with notes and 2 Cd's]

When you order these 2 parts, you will also receive a bonus CD titled, "Understanding the Law from Psalms 119